Sumatran Anti-Black Magic Scroll empowered with Islamic Incantations to Dispel Evil Spirits


The numerous tales and legends about ‘guna-guna’, or black magic, form an inherent part of Indonesian culture. The dense forests of Sumatra are believed to be the dwelling place of a great number of nature spirits. Hence, Sumatrans often call dukuns for spiritual help in matters which involve black magic and evil spirits. The dukun, then, will help the laity by means of providing them with ritual services. For this reason, anti-black magic spells cast by a Sumatran dukun are held in particularly high esteem among the local population of Sumatra.

Sumatran Anti-Black Magic Scroll

Indeed, the anti-black magic amulets and talismans made and blessed by a true Sumatran dukun are therefore considered to be one of the most effective means to dispel evil and banish malevolent spirits. This magic scroll is no exception to the general rule about authentic Sumatran mystical objects. For indeed, the amulet is stuffed with a number of sacred elements, which consist of a mixture made from sacred powders, herbs, and earth. Furthermore, the magic scroll is imbued with strong esoteric powers, which is the result of the proper ritual consecration method used by the dukun.

Sumatran Anti-Black Magic Scroll stuffed with Sacred Powders and Earth

Thus, as the name already suggests, the Sumatran anti-black magic scroll will keep evil spirits away, and protects the owner against threats imposed by black magicians. In addition, the magic scroll features powerful Islamic spells which will cause any attempt of using black magic to backfire. And so, the owner of this talisman will no longer have to worry about the possibility of falling victim to black magic, because no wicked sorcerer will be able to cast a spell on the person who is protected by the mystical powers of the magic scroll. Likewise, no malevolent spirit, evil ghost or ill-willed jinn can bring any harm to that person, for the incantations of the dukun will keep them at a safe distance.

Close up of Sumatran Anti-Black Magic Scroll with Islamic Spells to Dispel Evil Spirits

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