Successful Sellers Locket with Multiple Sacred Inserts Concealed to increase Financial Gains and Business Revenue


This Indonesian amulet is yet another exclusive creation of the true masters of the Islamic mystical tradition of Banten in West Java. The dukuns of Banten are experts in ritual magic and other occult practices. As authentic shamans they possess the ancient knowledge and skill of making traditional Indonesian talismans, using powerful Islamic consecration methods. Thus, it can be considered an extremely rare opportunity to obtain a truly sacred amulet blessed by some of the greatest masters in Indonesia today.

Successful Sellers Locket Blessed by Banten Masters

The locket has multiple sacred inserts concealed within it, including small pieces of fabric (i.e. sacred cloth) and paper featuring handwritten incantations and spells of Indonesian Islamic magic. Therefore no ordinary ink was used for writing these magic formulas, because writing for a holy purpose like this requires the use of magical oils as a substitute for normal ink. The exterior surface of the locket, however, has Arabic calligraphy on it written in waterproof ink. On the rear side of the taweez common symbols of Islam are depicted, i.e. two crossed swords pointing upwards representing the bifurcated Ḍū al-Fiqār (‘Zulfiqar’) sword of ‘Āli, the cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muḥammad.

Successful Sellers Locket

Several of Banten’s senior dukun masters participated in a congregational blessing ceremony to empower the amulet with strong magical qualities. The main focus of the amulet’s power is aimed at helping the owner increase his or her financial gains. Hence, the ritually consecrated locket is stuffed with various sacred inserts imbued with metaphysical properties that will help generate business revenue, thereby allowing one to become a successful seller or trader, dealer, vendor, sales representative, marketer, etc.

Successful Sellers Locket with Islamic Spells

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