Special Ladies Taweez for Protection from Harassment by Wicked People and Evil Spirits


Unfortunately in contemporary society many women feel unsafe in public, especially when they need to go somewhere alone late at night. This is not surprising because in many places around the world today walking the streets alone at night is not entirely without danger. Indeed, the potential risk of getting (sexually) harassed or assaulted often is very real for women in general. Recognizing the serious threat which women from all ages face in today’s society thus encouraged the Indonesian Islamic mystical master to create a special protective taweez for women.

Special Ladies Taweez

However, according to the dukun, the ones responsible for the harassment of women are not only wicked people; in fact, in many cases various kinds of evil spirits are believed to be involved, too. Some of these demonic entities (e.g. evil ghosts, spirits, demons) roam the city streets in the dark, searching a suitable victim to enhance their own vitality. Attracted by the brightness of the female aura, they then instigate people to commit various evil deeds on their behalf in order to be able to borrow, or rather steal, some of the victim’s life force. Yet if the spiritual entity is powerful enough the attack might even be fatal, sucking out the life force of the victim altogether.

Special Ladies Taweez made from Sacred Cloth

Owing to the hand-written spells of Islamic magic, the taweez offers vulnerable women protection from street violence as well as any potential threat related to black magic. Due to the magical effects of ritual empowerment, violent criminals and malevolent spirits will show mercy on the person wearing the taweez. Hence, in order to evade danger it is advised to carry the small talisman (2.8 x 2.3 x 1.0 cm) at all times. In addition, when a woman is getting stalked by a particular person, or simply feels intimidated by someone, then this Indonesian amulet can effectively help her put an end to that person’s unwanted and obsessive attention, without the risk of putting herself in danger by confronting the stalker directly.

Special Ladies Taweez Talisman with Hand-written Spells of Islamic Magic

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