Sorcerer’s Booklet with Handwritten Spells and Sacred Incantations of Ancient Magic Tradition


In general, every sorcerer uses a book of spells to perform various kinds of magic. The same holds for Indonesian sorcerers, who many consider to be among the most powerful magicians of all. This sorcerer’s booklet, then, provides invaluable insight into the mystical world of Indonesian occultism. Indeed, due to the genuinely handwritten spells and sacred incantations this small book can be classed as the work of a true master.

Sorcerer's Booklet

The sacred content of the sorcerer’s booklet features a special set of Islamic spells and other powerful magic formulas written in the Arabic script. A black mystical oil – a liquid substance composed of a mixture from various sacred ingredients – was used as ink for writing the Arabic letterings. Each sentence forms an ancient occult incantation which invokes the magic power of khodam spirits residing in the lower heavens.

Sorcerer's Booklet with Handwritten Spells

Thus, with its handwritten spells and sacred incantations, the sorcerer’s booklet serves as a ritual means for people to call upon spirits to ask for help and guidance. Also, due to the multifunctional aspects of this Indonesian amulet, it can be used for multiple purposes such as requesting blessings for financial luck, wealth increase, and professional success. This means that the efficiency of the magic qualities is not limited to business success alone, but ultimately is equally powerful when used for gambling and lotteries.

Sorcerer's Booklet with Handwritten Spells and Sacred Incantation of Ancient Magic Tradition

Furthermore, the owner of this mystical object will automatically see significant improvement to his or her charisma and leadership when using the amulet, allowing better opportunities both in social as well as professional engagement. The mystical properties imbued within this particular amulet can be used for yet another even more specific goal, namely enhancement of one’s love life (e.g. romance, passionate affection, sexual attraction, consolidating one’s marriage, etc.).

Magician's Book of Spells and Sacred Incantation

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