Solomon’s Wisdom Taweez for Enticement of Jinn and Khodam Spirits


It is said that King Solomon (known as Prophet Sulaymān in Islamic tradition) possessed great wisdom in both worldly and spiritual fields of knowledge. Solomon’s wisdom is unsurpassed in regard to the practice of occultism. The magical practices of Solomonic tradition include a vast array of omnipotent spells through which mystic spirits are summoned for assistance. Therefore, Solomonic magic is believed to be an all-powerful type of sorcery when it comes to enticement of jinn and khodam spirits.

Solomon's Wisdom Taweez

The taweez (made from real Javanese deer skin) is ritually empowered using ancient Solomonic incantations to call forth benevolent spirits. Due to the ritual act of evoking spirits the talisman is imbued with tremendous magical power. As a result the taweez is charged with highly auspicious metaphysical energies which can be used for various purposes. For instance, one can use the amulet to call upon jinn and khodam spirits to help you acquire enormous riches, money and massive wealth. Also, when one has been wronged by others, one can ask the spirits for mercy so that justice will be served. In addition, the jinn can increase one’s power and authority in the broad area of professional life and work. Simultaneously, the khodam provides protection against black magic and mischievous spirits. Likewise, both types of spirits are angelic helpers which can provide help to improve one’s love life drastically.

Solomon's Wisdom Taweez made from Genuine Javan Deerskin

Mantra for Solomon’s Wisdom Taweez

Fatabassama Đāḥikāan Min Qawlihā WaQāla Rabbi ‘Awzi`nī ‘An ‘AshkuraNi`mataka Allatī ‘An`amta `Alayya Wa `Alá Wa A-Dayya Wa ‘An ‘A`malaŞāliḥāan Tarđāhu Wa ‘Adkhilnī Biraḥmatika Fī `Ibādika Aş-Şāliḥīna.


So he Sulaymān (Solomon) smiled, amused at her speech and said: “My Lord! Inspire and bestow upon me the power and ability that I may be grateful for Your Favors which You have bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds that will please You, and admit me by Your Mercy among Your righteous servants.” (An-Naml 27:19)

Taweez Blessed with Wisdom of Solomon

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