Solomonic Spirit Locket with Enormous Potential for Great Wealth, Continuous Protection, and Romantic Excellence


Solomonic amulets and talismans are widely praised by occultists from all over the world, including non-Muslims. This ancient tradition of ritual magic is preserved by a lineage of realized masters from Indonesia. Javanese mystics and shamans skilled in Solomonic magic are seldom seen; in fact, the same goes for the mystical items made and blessed by these adept masters. Authentic Indonesian Solomonic lockets usually are handmade from genuine Javan deerskin decorated with handwritten spells and invocations of the Prophet Sulaymān. Moreover, due to the intensive consecration process and extensive ritual empowerment of Solomonic amulets, they often are released only in a very small numbers (1–10 pieces per batch or edition).

Solomonic Locket

Like most Solomonic talismans, this locket is blessed with several types of profound magical power, including but not limited to prosperity, love and attraction, as well as other mystical properties such as protection and evasion. Thus, the locket will bestow upon the wearer blessings through which s/he can obtain a share of the great wealth of King Solomon, whilst continuously being protected by Solomon’s army of jinn (spirits). Besides being endowed with powerful incantations that can improve one’s business and commerce, this amulet also has enormous potential for romantic excellence. But other than romantic affairs, the amulet’s magical qualities are just as effective when used for sexual relations.

Solomonic Spirit Locket

Mantra of Prophet Sulaymān (King Solomon)

To invoke the blessings of Prophet Sulaymān imbued within the amulet, one should first recite the Basmala prayer (‘bismillāhi raḥmāni raḥīm‘) three times. Next, one should proceed to the following mantra:

Allahumma in dakhola fi shuroti Sulaymana minal masyriqi wal maghribi lidzatihi wa quwwatihi wa Jabro ‘ila wa’Azro ‘ila wa Mulki Sulaymana minal masyriqi wal maghribi jinnan wa insan wa rihan wa ghomamam wa sallama tasliman jalla jalaluhu ya Iblisasy Syaithona fi zhulumati wan nur. Robbana taqobbal Sulaymanabni Dawuda alaihimas salam birohmatika ya arhamar rohimin.

Next, one should focus the mind whilst recollecting the immeasurable virtue of Prophet Sulaymān, and then make a wish.

Solomonic Spirit Amulet

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