Solomonic Magic Talisman for Summoning the Jinn


The Solomonic magic talisman is made from genuine Javan deerskin. In Javanese ritual magic and other Indonesian occult practices, deerskin is considered the material of choice for mystical objects. The dukun uses a special combination of ink and mystical oils to draw magical spells upon the parchment. For this talisman, then, the dukun used a specific set of incantations to summon spirits, particularly the jinn. In addition, various sacred elements are inserted to the deerskin talisman, thereby increasing its magical power.

Solomonic Magic Talisman

Thus, a Solomonic ritual is performed to evoke the jinn into the deerskin talisman, making it a powerful spirit vessel. This means that the Solomonic magic talisman can be used for the ritual act of calling forth spirits, for indeed, King Solomon (or Prophet Sulaymān) is believed to have been blessed with a vast army of jinn working under his command. And so, in the same way, this Indonesian Islamic occult amulet can be used to conjure the jinn by the supernatural power of King Solomon. Using the Solomonic talisman allows one to call upon the jinn for help in times of need. The jinn can provide guidance and assistance in regard to both worldly and spiritual matters.

Solomonic Magic Deerskin Talisman

Hence, the jinn offer the worshipper protection from malevolent ghosts and demons, black magicians and evil sorcerers, as well as any threat from bad people in general. But perhaps a more popular purpose for which the jinn are summoned is to help the owner of a magical item like this to become rich fast. Yet another common use of this type of talisman is to request blessings of love and romance; considering the thousand and one women King Solomon had, Solomonic magic is therefore considered extremely effective for improvement of one’s love life by means of a romantic relationship, marriage, and/or even the realization of sexual fantasies.

Indonesian Islamic Solomonic Magic Talisman

However, due to the effective spirit binding spells, the jinn cannot escape from the talisman without the magician’s permission. Also, it should be noted that the sealed deerskin should not be opened, as this will set the spirit free, causing the talisman to lose its power. Therefore it is advised to use the power and effects of this talisman with caution and discretion.

Solomonic Magic Deer Skin Talisman

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