Solomonic Magic Deerskin Amulet blessed according Ancient Javanese Mystical Tradition


Solomonic magic is common to many spiritual cultures throughout the world. Through the centuries the legend of King Solomon (known as Prophet Sulaymān in Islam) and his profound spiritual knowledge has always been a major source of inspiration for magicians and sorcerers alike. In many cases this lead to modification of the more advanced practices of Solomonic magic, and altered to fit the local beliefs of indigenous cultures. However, in Indonesian cultures, such as Javanese mysticism, Solomonic magic is believed to have remained intact in its original form to this very day. Thus, it is said, that the traditional consecration methods of this ancient form of Islamic magic have been preserved in secret esoteric teachings of Javanese mystical tradition.

Solomonic Magic Amulet

Since only the most adept mystics are initiated in this advanced practice of ritual magic, any Solomonic amulet can be considered a genuine mystical item of profound sacred value. Authentic Indonesian amulets of this kind are almost always made in very small numbers – usually only a hand full per edition. Hence, only two amulets were made and blessed in this edition. Real Solomonic talismans simply cannot be produced on large scale by a single master due to the complicated, time-consuming empowerment ritual. The amulets of this limited edition are made from genuine Javan deerskin. There are several magical formulas written on both the front and rear face, thereby blessing the items according ancient Javanese mystical tradition.

Solomonic Magic Amulet made from Genuine Javan Deerskin

During the consecration ceremony the Solomonic magic deerskin amulet was endowed with mystical properties of various kinds, including blessings for success in personal, social and professional areas in life. While the fourfold set of handwritten incantations in Arabic on the back of the amulet serve to protect the wearer against danger and misfortune, the Islamic occult spells on the front are designed to attract wealth and (business) success. Thus, this Indonesian talisman removes bad luck whilst simultaneously helping the wearer to attract money and riches. Furthermore, Solomonic spells have inherent metaphysical power of love, which means the amulet also serves as a practical means to seduce and enchant people when it is used as an attraction charm.

Javanese Deerskin Amulet with Solomonic Magic Spells

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