Solomonic Deerskin Locket featuring Handwritten Islamic Incantations that Open Doors to Success, Wealth and Love


Prophet Sulaymān, also known as ‘Solomon the Wise’, is supposed to have been the heaven-sent ruler of the nation of Israel from c. 970–931 BC. King Solomon, as this holy monarch is commonly called in the West, remains commemorated as a major prophet in Islam today. By the grace of Allāh, the Islamic saint acquired supernatural abilities through which he developed spiritual wisdom. Through practising advanced mystical teachings, Solomon had become a realized master of the occult. The prophet possessed divine knowledge, which enabled him to communicate with various animals and jinn or spirits.

Traditional Javanese Deerskin Locket

Solomonic magic consists of a set of magical practices performed to evoke Solomon’s spirit in order to unite the human mind with the divine. Whilst dwelling in this exalted state of mind, the magician uses his spiritual powers to consecrate material objects, such as an amulet or talisman. It is said, however, that only a very few adept dukuns possess the required skills to be able to perform the incantations used in ceremonial and ritual magic of this kind. Solomonic magic, therefore, can be considered sorcery at its best. Hence, the Solomonic deerskin locket is made and blessed according ancient Islamic mystical tradition, using the authentic consecration method to endow the amulet with tremendous magical power.

Javanese Deerskin Locket with Islamic Spells

Due to the potent power of the mystical properties imbued within the amulet, the deerskin locket can help improve one’s luck, fate and fortune. This means that the locket has the potential power to opening doors that will lead you to your success in bringing about the changes you desire. For instance, the amulet can be used to increase wealth, accumulating money and riches. Moreover, using this amulet will not only boost your charisma, but also serves as an effective means to improve your love life drastically. Indeed, beside his wife Pharaoh’s daughter, Solomon reputedly had around 700 other wives and 300 concubines. Thus, on the one hand the locket can consolidate one’s marriage or relationship, while on the other hand it also allows one to have promiscuous love affairs.

Javanese Deerskin Locket for Opening Doors to Success

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