Small Orange Agate Mustika Gemstone to Reduce Stress and to Restore Emotional Balance


Indonesian mustika gemstones exist in a great variety. Agate, however, certainly is one of the most popular variants of mustika stones seen in Indonesia. Indonesians often wear an agate mustika as a talisman to ward off danger and to attract good luck. Not surprisingly, people claim that this type of mustika gemstone is endowed with various supernatural powers, serving multiple beneficial uses (e.g., alternative medical treatment, spiritual practice, and protection).

Orange Agate Mustika

Indonesians generally believe that certain natural stones and minerals have magical properties. According the traditional kejawen belief system, nature is considered to be a manifestation of divinity due to its creation being of divine origin. Therefore, every natural substance on this planet is considered as something sacred. Agate forms no exception to this traditional perception of nature. Since ancient times the sacred value and spiritual benefits of this natural mineral stone have been recognized by Indonesian dukuns. Hence, agate mustika gemstones have always played an important role in traditional Indonesian mysticism and its associated forms of spiritual practice.

Base of orange mustika gemstone

This particular mustika stone features a warm orange color representing the fire element. Due to the fire element, the orange agate mustika gemstone possesses inherent qualities that can help to reduce stress and to restore one’s emotional balance. In addition, the mustika features mystical powers which will increase one’s stamina and confidence. It is also a powerful talisman for enhancing one’s charisma and improving one’s social status in order to achieve success in business.

orange mustika gemstone from Indonesia

Furthermore, there dwells a mystic khodam spirit in this sacred mineral substance. The spiritual entity was summoned by the dukun when he empowered the orange agate gemstone. Through performance of ancient mantra spells the shaman transmitted auspicious blessings of protection onto the mustika stone. The magic power of the mantras also serves to bind the khodam spirit, thereby bringing happiness and prosperity into the life of the owner of this traditional Indonesian talisman.

close up of orange mustika gemstone

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