Sīvalī Thera Amulet made from Sacred Powders, Magical Herbs & Holy Minerals


This amulet is made and consecrated by the Buddhist monk Luang Por Preng. The front of the amulet features the Buddhist saint Sīvalī Thera in a walking posture. This particular depiction represents the ancient tradition of wandering through the forest. On the left and right side of Sīvalī Thera there are two silver scrolls inserted in the amulet; these scrolls contain handwritten magical yantras by Luang Por Preng.

Sivali Amulet

There are also magical yantras on a small round piece of metal inserted in the back of the amulet, which also includes a tiny piece of Luang Por Preng’s monk robes. The amulet is made from sacred powders, herbs and minerals.

Phra Sivali


Sādhu Sīvalī Ca Mahāthero Ukāsa

Thai Sivali Amulet

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