Sīvalī Thera Amulet with Magical Turtle Yantra for Long Livity and Good Health


This amulet was made and consecrated by the Buddhist monk Luang Pu Kasem in 2002. The front side of this amulet features Sīvalī Thera wandering through the forest (an ascetic practice, also known as ‘tudong‘). He is carrying with him the requisites of a forest monk: an umbrella, a monk’s bag and an alms bowl. Furthermore, the front also features the magical yantra ‘Putsoorn’ / ‘Phra Jao Ha Phra Ongk’ with the mantra ‘Nāmo Buddhāya‘.

On the back side of the amulet, there is a magical turtle yantra depicted, known as ‘Paya Tao Ruean‘. This particular yantra is believed to possess magical powers such as long livity and good health, primarily due to the generally long lifespan of turtles. But other important magical powers of this yantra are metta (loving kindness) and good fortune, since turtles in general possess a non-aggressive character and are mild in their behavior.

Phra Sivali

As the name – Roon Ram Ruay Mahasarn – already suggests, this amulet can attract enormous wealth and riches, as well as good luck.


Sādhu Sīvalī Ca Mahāthero Ukāsa

Sivali Amulet

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