Silver Kresna Wayang Shadow Puppet Pendant and Necklace endowed with Virtuous Qualities of Love and Kindness


Kresna is the Javanese name for the Indian Hindu god Krishna (Sanskrit: Kṛṣṇa), one of the avatars of Vishnu (Sanskrit: Viṣṇu; Javanese: Whisnu). This divinity plays a major role in the mythological epics of the Mahābhārata and Bhagavad Gītā. Faithful Hindus in Bali and Java, as well as in India, worship him as the god of universal love and compassion. In Indonesian wayang shadow puppetry, therefore, Kresna is of noble character. Indeed, the legends portray him as a deity who is endowed with virtuous qualities of benevolence, friendliness, and generosity. Hence his name, when it is written, is preceded by the additional honorific title of prabu dewa, meaning ‘divine lord’.

Indonesian Silver Wayang Pendant

The pendant and necklace are made by a highly skilled smith, who crafted the jewelry from Sterling silver (92.5%). Both items were made in the year 2005, in the city of Yogyakarta, also known as ‘the cultural heart of Java’. An ordained Hindu priest in his local community performed the blessing ceremony, so that the amulet could be empowered with the divine characteristics of the wayang figure it represents. Due to its subtle and detailed design, the necklace is particularly fitting for women, though the mystical properties of the pendant itself are of practical service to men as well. Thus, both men and women can wear this talisman to attract friendly, kind-hearted, loving and affectionate people with whom they might want to have an affair with.

Javanese Wayang Puppet Pendant made from Silver

Mantra for Silver Kresna Wayang Shadow Puppet Pendant

Sahadat kurungan emas

Melesat ilang rana tan kena ing rusak

Sukma sejati mulih marang sukma sejati

Sahadat alam mekar

Mekar saka kersaningsun

Di ijabahi dening bhagawan (7x)

Silver Necklace with Wayang Amulet from Indonesia

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