Silat Macan Tiger Locket for Improved Agility to Evade Attacks


Pencak silat is the traditional form of martial arts indigenous to Indonesia. There are many different fighting styles of silat, all of which have their combat system based on the movement of animals. Yet the tiger style is arguably the most popular variant of this Indonesian self-defense art. The tiger is known for its extraordinary characteristics of agility and speed. Hence, the tiger’s natural characteristics can instill great fear in the heart and mind of assailants. This locket, then, is made and blessed to endow the wearer with the mystical power of the tiger, which will increase one’s level of stamina, endurance and courage.

Silat Macan Locket

This amulet is not just for practitioners of pencak silat or other martial arts and self-defense methods. Indeed, the efficacy of the mystical properties imbued within the silat macan tiger locket is not restricted to a specific group of people in society. This means that the amulet brings the owner blessings of enhanced protection when s/he is facing danger. Similarly, the magical quality of the tiger locket leads to improved agility which serves to evade attacks from assailants. Thus, with this amulet in one’s possession one can safely walk the streets and avoid troubles like harassment, intimidation, etc.

Silat Macan Tiger Locket

There were only twenty pieces released in this batch by the Islamic mystics from Banten, making this an extremely rare amulet indeed. Each locket has undergone individual empowerment by the hands of these great masters of authentic Indonesian mystical tradition. In addition, multiple paper sheets with handwritten magic spells on them have been inserted to the locket, enhancing its magic power to the full extent.

Silat Macan Tiger Locket Amulet

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