Serpentine Nāga Spirit Amulet bestowing Riches and Fortune


Just as serpentine spirits have always played a major role in ancient mythology, so too do they in traditional Indonesian culture. The nāga essentially is a serpentine spirit of divine origin. However, since this rather sinister-looking creature is said to reside in eerie places beneath the surface, it is often associated with the netherworld. Nonetheless, the nāga is an angelic being rather than a malevolent spirit from hell. Ancient esoteric doctrine (e.g. Upaniṣads) on tantra and yoga refer to this serpentine spirit as kuṇḍalinī, the primordial cosmic energy which is inherently present in every individual.

Serpentine Naga Spirit Amulet

Therefore, the divine nature of the nāga spirit is considered the key to understanding yogic philosophy and the mastery of tantric practices. Similarly, the majority of authentic Indonesian mystical teachings revolve around the divinity of the serpentine spirit, too. It seems, however, that the practice of this ancient occult arts gradually is disappearing from the mystical world of Indonesia. Hence, there are only very few masters alive today who still possess the metaphysical knowledge and skills to summon the nāga spirit. For this reason, the serpentine nāga spirit amulet can be considered an absolute rarity which is extremely limited in supply.

Serpentine Naga Spirit Amulet with Islamic Spells

Besides the image of the mythical serpent spirit, the sacred brazen amulet features various magical verses aimed at inducing riches and fortune. This, of course, is perfectly in line with the magic power attributed to the nāga spirit, which is believed to bestow prosperity on the wearer of the amulet. Thus, this mystical object has been consecrated through a very rare and unique combination of Islamic, Hindu-Buddhist and animist magic. Several different aspects of true Indonesian magic in its purest form, resulting in a most powerful amulet indeed.

Serpentine Naga Spirit Amulet made from Sacred Brass

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