Semar Statue made from Sacred Brass Alloy mixed with Ancient Artifacts


Semar is a god whose origins are rooted in Indonesian mythology from the time of ancestral worship approximately 3500 years ago. The Javanese regard Semar as the spiritual ancestor of the indigenous population of Nusantara (i.e. the Indonesian archipelago). This ancient deity embodies the core teachings of Javanese mystical tradition (Kejawen) in regard to metaphysical concepts of truth, honesty and modesty. It is believed, that Semar has attained liberation (Sanskrit: mokṣa) from rebirth, which thereby rendered the celestial being sacred. In this context, the sanctity of Semar marks the transcendental state of śunyatā (Sanskrit: emptiness).

Semar Statue made from Sacred Brass

The divine nature of Semar is characterized by his unconditional loyalty. This means that he selflessly serves sentient beings without attachment (e.g. clinging to expectations, presumptions, etc.). Hence, Semar is also praised as a righteous ruler of man, as well as the guardian spirit of the Javanese. Since this deity is concerned with the fate of humanity, people turn to prayer to ask Semar for help in times of distress. Thus, it is said, that one may invoke the animist god for the purpose of settling a dispute or solving matters of injustice. Also, when proper worship is performed, Semar will offer the worshipper protection against evil spirits and malevolent ghosts. In addition, one can summon Semar for help in times of financial stress, for he is also known as the bestower of great wealth and everlasting fortune. Furthermore, it is even possible to increase one’s charisma and leadership by the grace of Semar, using the Aji Semar Mesem mantra. This particular mantra, however, can also be used to enhance one’s attraction.

Base of Sacred Brazen Semar Statue

This authentic Indonesian amulet is made from a sacred brass alloy mixed with various ancient metal artifacts; the metal mixture was smelted together in order to form the image of Semar. After the metal casting process was completed, a traditional consecration ritual was performed to empower the statue with the mystical properties associated with Semar, turning the consecrated image into a powerful amulet for one’s home altar.

Semar Statuette made from Sacred Brass

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