Sanctified Metal Muslim Taweez to Exercise Authoritative and Dominating Influence over Others


Muslim taweez usually are very simple in terms of design and material, like an ordinary piece of paper with some basic magic spells written on it. Indonesian Islamic taweez, however, are generally known to have a much more complex design and comprise several types of high-quality materials. Evidently, Indonesian amulets and talismans are regarded as true masterpieces of Islamic sacred art. Thus the astonishing level of detail and the use of sacred metal in the locket make this the perfect amulet to mystically and spiritually inclined Muslims. Moreover, with its modest dimensions (2.6 x 2.4 x 0.6 cm) the taweez is suitable for both men and women. Indeed, due to its moderate size, the amulet can be worn as a pendant on a necklace or carried inside one’s pocket or bag.

Sanctified Metal Muslim Taweez

There are divine powers conferred on the locket through a series of Islamic incantations that can inspire devotion in others. Consequently, its mystical properties can be used to exercise authoritative and dominating influence over others. Also, ritual sanctification of the taweez is performed by the legendary Banten masters of Indonesian occult, thereby evoking interest, attention and admiration in a powerfully irresistible way. Due to the talisman’s magical ability to inspire enthusiasm, one can therefore effectively exercise direct control over others, commanding them to follow one’s instructions and even to obey one’s orders. Thus, the wearer of the sanctified metal Muslim taweez is perfectly equipped to maximize the benefits of instant charisma.

Sanctified Metal Muslim Taweez Pendant to Exercise Authoritative Influence over Others

People will find it hard to ignore the charismatic personality of the person wearing this powerful item. Hence the wearer of the holy metal locket will not only be demanding respect, but also compelling attractiveness. This also means that the metaphysical energies imbued within the amulet can dispel any possible reserved or antagonistic feeling which people may have towards you. And so, wearing this Indonesian Islamic taweez can help increase one’s personal charm and sex appeal. Thereby it allows one to successfully develop, expand and maintain professional, social and even personal and intimate relationships through the magical quality of enhanced (or sexually charged) charisma.

Sanctified Metal Muslim Taweez Amulet to Exercise Dominating Control over Others

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