Saffron Charming Oil with Magical Bamboo Grass for Cultivation of Fascination and Obsession


Saffron is widely used in Southeast Asian mystical traditions, especially in Indonesian magic. Various magical qualities are ascribed to saffron, like the power of enchantment, fascination and even obsession. Therefore, saffron is considered a favorable ingredient for attraction oils and love potions. Hence saffron oil should be used ideally for charming purposes. Yet, of course, if anyone was to try their luck by using ordinary saffron oil, it would leave any of those attempts fruitless if the oil has not been properly blessed by an adept master of ritual magic. This is why Indonesian amulets and talismans in general earned the reputation of being some of the most powerful mystical items in the world today.

Saffron Charming Oil

This bottle of charming oil is supplemented with a blade (i.e. a single piece) of magical bamboo grass. The magical variant of traditional Indonesian bamboo grass grows only in the dense forests of Kalimantan, and it was obtained by the master himself during one of his solitary retreats in the remote jungle of the island. It is said that the few places where this grass grows are inhabited by benevolent nature spirits, fairies and elves. Though if an unskillful master would uproot the grass without asking the spirits’ permission first, then s/he runs the risk of becoming seriously ill. Moreover, without paying proper respect to the spirits residing in the area, the bamboo grass will have no magical power whatsoever.

Saffron Charming Oil with Magical Bamboo Grass

Besides the mysterious blade of grass, the bottle of saffron charming oil also contains a small piece of paper featuring hand inscriptions. These spell inscriptions were added to the bottle in order to utilize the inherent mystical power of the sacred potion to its full potential. The blessings contained within the oil can be unlocked by anointing a few drops on one’s forehead and/or between the eyebrows. This will then activate metaphysical energies that help increase one’s physical attraction, charisma and sex appeal. It is, however, also possible to anoint the oil on another person’s body. As a result, the target person becomes fascinated and possibly even obsessed with you. Alternatively, one can anoint the magical oil onto physical objects such as consumer goods and commercial products as this will quickly lead to an increase in sales of the items one wants to sell.

Saffron Charming Oil with Magical Bamboo Grass for Fascination and Obsession

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