Safekeeping Pusaka Bag for Storage of Assets or Other Items of Value


Anyone who owns a lot of assets or other items of value knows the importance of having a properly protected storage. But sometimes mere safekeeping does not suffice, for indeed, some valuables require additional security measures. This is particularly true for sacred heirlooms (pusaka) and other mystical objects (e.g. precious stones, taweez, talismanic scrolls) which need special care by the owner. Extra protection is specially recommended for people who own (khodam or jinn) spirit-bound items. The same holds for occult charms and Solomonic amulets. Thus, various Islamic spells are featured on the sacred pusaka bag to help protect the magical qualities of the items in safekeeping.

Safekeeping Pusaka Bag

Due to the practical design of the sacred cloth, the pusaka bag allows you to carry your belongings with you on your travels. Moreover, the high-quality of fabric from which this talismanic pouch was made ensures maximum durability. Hence, besides safekeeping of sacred assets in one specific place, the ritually consecrated pusaka bag can also be used for portable storage of amulets and talismans. Though it should be noted that some taweez should not be brought along to certain places which are deemed to be (ritually) impure (i.e. toilet, bathroom, bars, nightclubs and casino’s). In the same way, it is often discouraged to carry spirit-bound items when one is visiting haunted sites like burial grounds and other eerie places where ghosts may roam and evil spirits dwell.

Safekeeping Pusaka Bag for Storage of Assets

However, sometimes it simply cannot be avoided to transgress this general rule; for instance, when you receive unexpected news of a loved one’s funeral which you need to attend. Yet with this safekeeping pusaka bag by your side, you will always be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, and thus there will be no need to worry about any potential loss of material or spiritual value of your treasured possessions when you are forced to enter a place of impurity such as those mentioned above. Indeed, this authentic Indonesian talisman has been empowered using extremely powerful Islamic magic and Arabic incantations not only to protect and maintain, but also to enhance the power and effects of the mystical properties embedded within the item(s) kept in the pusaka bag.

Safekeeping Pusaka Bag for Storage of Assets or Other Items of Value

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