Sacred Sundanese Chrysoprase Talisman for developing a More Prosperous Life


Chrysoprase is formed by minuscule crystal particles that only become visible as such when using extreme magnification. As such, chrysoprase is a (silica) form of cryptocrystalline. Also, due to its distinct color, this particular gem is recognized as the green variety of chalcedony. In olden times chrysoprase was considered a very precious stone, for indeed, its name literally means ‘green gold’ in Greek. The lustrous color of this gemstone is provided by the amount of nickel it contains.

Chrysoprase Gemstone Amulet

Because of the number of volcanoes in Java, the island – especially the western part of it – has the ideal geological conditions for chrysoprase to occur. According to the traditional belief system (‘Sunda Wiwitan’) of the indigenous tribe of Baduy who live in West Java, the volcanic mountains are inhabited by several groups of nature spirits (e.g., kajiman, dhêmit). This is why any mystical stone obtained from this region is deemed a highly sacred object.

Magical Chrysoprase Talisman

However, besides being a powerful Earth elemental, the amulet has also been duly consecrated by a local dukun. Hence, in order to enhance the magical efficacy of the talismanic ring, the master used ancient Sundanese Islamic incantations, so that the wearer will be able to improve his or her fate and horoscope. In addition, the talisman’s inhabiting spirit can attract good luck and fortune, thereby helping one to become prosperous and successful in life.

Javanese Gemstone Ring with Zirconia Stones

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