Sacred Sardonyx Spirit-bound Stone bestowing Courage and Victory


Though sardonyx is related to onyx, it actually looks a lot like agate, except for a minor difference in the banding patterns. However, unlike agate and onyx, sardonyx is relatively rare in Indonesia. Several mystical properties are attributed to this particular gemstone, such as the ability to empower one’s speech, as well as developing credibility. Yet its primary purpose is aimed at endowing the wearer with courage and victory.

Sardonyx Gemstone Talisman

One of the stone’s magical qualities is that it makes the mind vigilant, thereby enabling one to resist the temptation to give in to unwise thoughts and desires. In this way the gem can also help remove one’s personal insecurities and other doubts. Consequently, the person wearing this ring becomes confident and courageous, so that s/he will be bold enough to take risks.

Sacred Sardonyx Ring

All of this is achieved through the help of a khodam spirit, which is bound to the amulet by Islamic spells. There is a hole at the base of the ring so that the flat side of the gemstone touches the finger on which it is worn. Thus, both the stone’s metaphysical energy and the inhabiting spirit’s supernatural power flow directly from the talisman to the wearer, allowing one to enjoy the various benefits this sacred sardonyx stone has to offer.

Mystical Sardonyx Stone Amulet

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