Sacred Muslim Shirt with Islamic Geometric Designs and Arabic Spells


The renown Islamic mystics of Banten Province in West-Java, Indonesia, have made a very rare and sacred Muslim shirt for ritual prayer and fasting. The black shirt features powerful magic spells and geometric designs to enhance one’s spiritual practice. Wearing this shirt will help increase the effects of one’s prayers, and to maintain intuitive awareness of the omnipresence of Allah.

Other practical purposes of wearing this authentic Muslim shirt include advancement in the practice of pencak silat (Indonesian martial arts), kanuragen and debus (traditional Javanese self-defense methods). Hence, size XL is most convenient, for it allows free movement of the body and thus significantly improves one’s overall fighting performance.

The magical aspects of the Islamic geometric patterns and designs will guide and protect the wearer in times of danger. When a person is being attacked in a fight, wearing this shirt will protect one’s body and prevent him/her from getting wounded. A Muslim’s faith and belief in the divine power of his Lord and Master manifested in the geometric symbols and Arabic spells, will thereby automatically lend him the strength to overcome his enemies.

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