Sacred Meteorite Stone ‘Lek Lai’ Mala Prayer Bead Necklace


This mala necklace has 108 meteorite stone prayer beads, which in Thailand are known as ‘lek lai’. Meteorite stones of this kind are considered something very sacred since ancient times. It is believed, that the meteorite stones are a gift from the people’s ancestors who reside in the heavens. For this reason, then, throughout history the indigenous population of Southeast Asia have always ascribed tremendous sacred powers to lek lai meteorite stones. And throughout history, meteorite stones have always formed an important object of reverence. In contemporary Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, meteorite stones are still a prominent part of a cult of worship, which, in fact, is still pretty much alive indeed.

It is said, that this sacred meteorite stone ‘lek lai’ prayer bead mala necklace possesses immense magic powers of protection; protection in the sense of preventing or treating both physical and mental illnesses. The divine ancestors will thus watch over their descendants on earth, and guard their physical and mental well-being. Hence, wearing this sacred mala necklace will help one to stay safe wherever one goes in this world, and one can thereby always count and trust on the divine guidance and protection provided by one’s ancestors.

Moreover, the inherent magical qualities of meteorite stone beads are a most powerful tool for spiritual advancement. The mala necklace is therefore extremely useful for chanting and praying. It is, of course, also very beneficial to one’s progress in meditation. In fact, this is precisely the reason why the maker of this necklace, the lay master Ajahn Nikom, released this magical item. Next, he empowered the meteorite prayer beads to the full extent, and then performed a hand inscription with sacred mantras on the surface of the final closing bead, which serves as a ritual blessing.

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