Sacred Metal Statuette of the Saintly Hindu Priest Resi Narada


A classical masterpiece of traditional Hindu-Buddhist temple art, made by the venerable master Luang Por Wichean, abbot of the Buddhist temple Wat Tham Muni Nard in Thailand. The metal statuette is made in the year 2011. Luang Por Wichean and his disciples performed a ritual consecration ceremony at Wat Tham Muni Nard, to bless the effigy with strong magical powers. This particular effigy was released in the first edition of Rêsi Nārada amulets by Luang Por Wichean, making the statuette an extremely rare collector’s item indeed.

Lersi Narod roop lor - LP Wichean

The amulet represents the Hindu-Buddhist saint Rêsi Nārada, sitting on an animal’s skin which is spread out on a throne formed by two mythical nāga serpents. Both in Hindu as well as in Buddhist mythology, nāga serpents are considered spiritual beings with supernatural powers. As such, the nāgas are also worshiped as protectors of spiritual wisdom and material wealth.

Ruesi Narod loi ongk - Wat Tham Muni Nard

The rêsi wears the traditional robes of a brahmin priest. His right arm rests on his leg, while the palm of his right hand is opened. This particular hand gesture resembles the ‘varada mudra’, which is a symbol of generosity, charity, and compassion. Thus, Resi Nārada bestows abundance of wealth and worldly possessions to his sincere worshipers. Sacred powders are inserted to the base of the amulet to increase the mystical powers and blessings which it has been imbued with. In addition, the amulet comes with the original box from the temple.

Resi Narada Statue

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