Sacred Metal Pendant Inscribed with Islamic Spells for Love and Protection


This Islamic pendant is made from a mixture of sacred metals. It features Arabic spells on the surface of both the front and rear face of the amulet. The Islamic spells on the sacred metallic pendant are aimed at enhancement of ‘rahim’ and ‘rizq’, meaning that the spells help to increase compassion and success in the social and professional aspects in life. Hence, the pendant is consecrated with powerful blessings to improve one’s skills in communication, which, of course, enhances the relationships in one’s social and professional life.

Sacred Metal Pendant Inscribed with Islamic Spells

Moreover, the sacred spells also boost one’s character with a charismatic aura. Whether relatives, friends, acquaintances, peers, colleagues, or even one’s employer, they will all treat you with respect when you meet them. Similarly, these sacred Islamic spells apply to the jinn as well; thus, the metal pendant serves as a powerful tool for protection against black magic and attacks from evil ghosts and malevolent spirits.

Sacred Metal Pendant Inscribed with Islamic Spells

The magic contained within the sacred metallic pendant is sealed by an Islamic mystic from Banten. This is why this Islamic talisman is completely safe to wear, for there are no risks of backfire involved. Nor is there any chance for external influences and energies to interfere with the blessings bestowed upon wearer of the pendant. Likewise, it is not necessary for the wearer to take the talisman off when visiting the toilet or any other place which has a high level of impurity or uncleanliness. The sacred metal pendant is thus suitable for everyday wear. In this way, then, the wearer of this powerful Islamic talisman is continuously protected by the sacred spells, and s/he will achieve success in his or her personal life as well as in the business environment.

Sacred Islamic Pendant

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