Sacred Metal Alloy Taweez with embossed Spells for Enticement and Seduction


Taweez made from (semi-) precious metals are commonly praised for their effective powers of magic. Much of its power is attributed to the metal mixture from which it is made, in this case a sacred metal alloy of brass and copper. Especially brass is considered a suitable vessel or medium which can be imbued with mystical properties. The mixture of metals is obtained from various mystical objects, including parts of the roof and dome of a local mosque near the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java, Indonesia. It goes without saying that such elements are considered very powerful in regard to the auspicious blessings which they are imbued with by the numerous people who come to the mosque every day to perform the congregational prayers.

Sacred Brazen Taweez

Besides the inherent power of the sacred metal alloy, the taweez has several Islamic love spells embossed on the exterior surface. Both sides of the sacred metal talisman feature Arabic incantations for enticement and seduction. Thus, the taweez serves as a love and attraction charm, which can be used by either gender, because the magic spells work the same for both male and female. Its magical powers can be aimed directly at the targeted person for the purpose of enchantment and fascination. This can be done by holding the taweez in one’s hands with one’s eyes shut and focusing the mind on the person whom you wish to seduce, whilst reciting the following prayer:

Taweez made from Sacred Brass

Bismillāhi raḥmani raḥīm.

Cahaya mulya mulyaningsun urip ingsun, Iya iku kang ngimpuni nyawane si … (name of the targeted person) wis kawengku dening dening nyawaku.

Teko kedep, teko lerep, teko nurut manut si … (name of the targeted person) menyang aku, nurut manut saka kersaning Gusti Allah.

Lā ‘ilāha ‘il ‘āllāh, muḥammadun rasūlullāh.

Sacred Brazen Taweez with Islamic Spells

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