Sacred Locket for calling upon the Love and Divine Knowledge of the Prophet Yusuf


The sacred locket is ritually empowered by the Islamic mystics of Banten. During the performance of the consecration ritual, the amulet is endowed with immeasurable blessings of love as well as virtue of compassion of the Prophet Yūsuf, i.e. Joseph, son of Jacob. Through a lengthy series of incantations, the Banten masters called upon the divine qualities of the holy saint. In addition, they used ancient Islamic spells to enhance the power and effect of the mystical properties of the sacred locket.

Sacred Locket for Calling Upon the Love of Joseph

Yūsuf is considered a prophet in Islamic tradition. In fact, Prophet Yūsuf is widely praised for his divine characteristics of beauty, as mentioned in the seventh chapter of the Holy Qūr’an, which was named after him. The life of Yūsuf entails many hardships, though the many trials and tribulations the prophet encounters throughout his life serve as an important lesson on moral responsibility. According to the Qūr’an, Yūsuf was blessed with an extremely beautiful physical appearance, which made him the object of sensual desire of many women in his social environment.

Sacred Locket of the Prophet Yusuf

Indeed, women from all ranks of society felt mysteriously attracted to the beauty of the prophet. When his own brothers sold him as a slave to Egypt traders, Yūsuf’s heavenly appearance aroused intense desire in the mind of the wife of his slave master. However, the prophet rejected her countless attempts to seduce him, for his strong sense of moral responsibility and the awareness of his ethical duty made it impossible for him to commit the sin of betraying the trust of his own master. For the rest, Prophet Yūsuf is often also referred to as ‘the Dreamer’, which indicates his supernatural ability to interpret dreams with great accuracy. Hence, Yūsuf received divine messages and spiritual guidance in his dreams, which allowed him to see in to the future. He was thus able to forecast future events, which made him a great leader of his people.

Close up of Sacred Locket of Joseph

This amulet, then, contains mystical spells and magic formulas that call upon the supernatural abilities of the Prophet Yūsuf. As such, the sacred locket is blessed with the magical power of love and attraction, thereby enhancing one’s physical looks in the eyes of the people you wish to attract. Furthermore, due to the divine knowledge and wisdom of the Prophet Yūsuf which allows him to look in to the future, the locket is therefore also very useful to help improve one’s fate by means of improving one’s business. Thus, the sacred locket can bring the owner blessings of prosperity, i.e. to boost sales, thereby increasing one’s wealth.

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