Sacred Cloth featuring Islamic Occult Diagram and Magic Squares imbued with Protective Powers and Blessings of Love


This Indonesian Islamic talisman is made from sacred cloth. The sacred cloth is black in color and features yellow-colored esoteric spells in Arabic. In the center of the cloth an Islamic occult diagram is depicted among various magic squares. Both the occult diagram and magic squares are constructed according certain formulas which generate powerful magic spells. Also, a combination of auspicious numbers based on astrological calculations has been applied to the magic squares. Each magic square thus provides a specific set of numerical values, creating thereby occult signs to which mystical properties are attributed.

Sacred Cloth featuring Islamic Occult Diagram and Magic Squares

Hence, the various kinds of occult signs are a symbolic representation of the purpose for which the dukun has blessed the sacred cloth, namely: to imbue the talisman with protective powers and blessings of love. This implies evasion of danger and dread, for indeed, the sacred cloth can help repel evil, including but not limited to black magic and malicious ghosts and spirits. The blessings of love, then, serve as a means for enticement, making one’s appearance highly attractive in the eyes of those whom you wish to attract or seduce. Due to the powerful love spells, this Indonesian talisman is able to arouse sensual desire in the mind of the targeted person(s), paving the way for an exciting love life characterized by wild romance and passionate sex. Moreover, this mystical item can be used by both men and women, gay and straight people.

Islamic Occult Cloth

Beside serving the purpose of enhanced protection and love relationships, the sacred cloth is also endowed with the supernatural power to improve one’s fate and fortune. Indeed, when the sacred cloth is stored in one’s business place (e.g. office, shop, restaurant, etc.) it will help generate more profit. In the same, when carried along (in one’s pocket, purse or wallet, for example) to a casino, this talisman has the magical ability to increase one’s chances at winning in gambling and lotteries.

Islamic Occult Diagram

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