Sacred Brass Amulet featuring Lucky Gambling Spells to Boost Windfall Luck


The lucky gambler’s amulet is a mystical object of high repute which is known to have powerful magical effect to increase wealth and riches. The mystical object itself is made from sacred brass; sacred in the sense that the brass was obtained from a local mosque in the suburbs of the city of Yogyakarta. A mosque is considered a typically auspicious environment, for which reason mystical energies and positive vibrations were naturally transmitted onto the brass material while it was stored in the compound of the mosque.

Sacred Brass Amulet

Beside the auspicious blessings coming from the holy site of the mosque, the sacred brass amulet also underwent an additional consecration ritual performed by a Javanese dukun. In this way, then, the dukun performed several lucky gambling spells and ancient Islamic incantations to empower the amulet with mystical properties which increase gambling success. Hence, the sacred brass amulet is endowed with blessings to bring the owner a series of lucky wins in gambling and other games involving risk (lottery, betting, etc.).

Sacred Brass Amulet with Lucky Gambler's Spells

In order to increase one’s chances at winning, one should wear the amulet in one’s wallet or pocket when visiting a casino or any other place in the gaming-entertainment industry. It is, however, also possible to use the sacred brass amulet to improve one’s luck in the stock market, as wells as other trading and business marketplaces. In addition, the amulet can help to boost sales and improve commerce.

Sacred Brass Amulet - close up

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