Sacred Badar Besi Amulet Boosting Charisma Stamina and Self Esteem


The mystical Badar Besi is a metallic rock naturally possessing metaphysical power.

The sacred stone, used for rare Amulets of this kind, is excavated only in specific holy caves, once occupied by pious and saintly ascetics performing their spiritual occult rituals and practices.

Since ancient times, the mystical Batu (Stone) Badar is told to own mystical powers, ward off the Evil Eye and block black magic.

Badar Besi, being a complex composition of magnetite, pyrite and hematite can also be found within Quartz crystals, with astonishing metallic silver tints and hues.

Sacred Badar Besi Amulet Boosting Charisma Staminas

Outside of Indonesia, amongst the world’s earliest civilizations, it was also used in Amulets, making its wearer braver, more strong (willed) while increasing endurance.

Badar Besi in Ancient Greece, was known as ‘the Blood Stone’, αἱματίτης λίθος haimatitēs lithos, ‘blood-red stone’. When ground into a powder, the rock shows a dark red glow.

Amulets made from this rock in ancient times, were believed to protect warriors from wounds during wars or fights. Granting invulnerability, and also constraining bouts of anger.

Sacred Badar Besi Amulet Boosting Charisma Stamina Self Esteem

It is exactly that archaic primal sense of power, preserved within this impressive masculine talisman.

Its large pitch black oval cut Badar Besi rock, symbolizes and displays a natural dominance that won’t go unnoticed.

Increased self esteem, as well as a sense of natural leadership, will undoubtedly be experienced while wearing this ring size 10 jewel.

The blessings, with which this amulet is empowered with, promote physical strength, stamina and dominance. Therefore boosting its proud wearer, mentally and physically, to exceed far beyond earlier achievements.

Sacred Badar Besi Amulet Stamina Booster

Even more so, the force and power of Mars is concealed in this stone.

Badar Besi’s spectral signature was seen on the planet Mars by the infrared spectrometer on the NASA Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey spacecraft in orbit around Mars, in 2001.

This mystical rock was seen in abundance at several sites on the red planet.

Since terrestrial hematite and magnetite are minerals being formed in aqueous environments, this scientific discovery indicates that these spherules are most likely concretions formed from a water solution.

Meaning that there is or was water on Mars, and thus creating a direct link between our planet and us as beings.

Sacred Badar Besi Amulet Boosting Charisma Endurance and Self Esteem

For those in search of additional empowerment, the following invocation can be recited over this rare talisman:

’Allah, give me strength’

Allah yaetini alqua

الله يعطيني القوة

Sacred Badar Besi Amulet Boosting Charisma stamina and Esteem

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