Ritually Blessed Rawhide with Islamic Spells to Help Maintain an Auspicious Environment


This unique Indonesian amulet was obtained from a traditional Javanese dukun in Yogyakarta. The amulet is made from high-quality rawhide, which features Arabic lettering on both sides. Here, the ancient Arabic script is used to empower the amulet with a traditional set of powerful Islamic magical spells. As can be seen in the pictures, the sacred spells show an extraordinary level of detail. Obviously, the dukun has put tremendous effort in to the writing of the holy incantations. This also shows that the consecration ritual for this amulet is performed with great care and precision.

Ritually Blessed Piece of Rawhide with Islamic Spells

The mystical properties of the amulet can help to maintain an auspicious environment. This means that the amulet will the protect the owner from dangerous situations and unwholesome circumstances. Negative energies and harmful influences are effectively removed through the mystical power of the magic spells. This makes the rawhide amulet particularly useful to remove obstacles in one’s life. For instance, if one encounters a lot of problems or situations of bad luck, then this amulet can make an end to your misfortune. Indeed, the rawhide amulet is made and blessed to bring the owner nothing but good luck.

Ritually Blessed Piece of Rawhide with Sacred Spells using Islamic Magic

Furthermore, the rawhide amulet instills great fear among hungry ghosts and evil spirits, due to the outstanding esoteric power of the blessings by which the dukun consecrated the amulet. It is said, that even venomous animals would not dare to come anywhere near the person who possesses this extremely powerful kind of Indonesian Islamic magic. Hence, with this ritually blessed piece of rawhide in one’s possession, one will be surrounded with positive vibrations, thereby allowing you to dwell in a wholesome environment at all times.

Close up of Ritually Blessed Piece of Rawhide

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