Ritual Cloth featuring Multifunctional Spells (Luck, Love, Health & Wealth)


This Indonesian Islamic talisman is made from a very rare and sacred kind of material, namely a Muslim’s pilgrimage cloth (‘ihram’). The ritual cloth features a wide variety of sacred spells, which can be used for several different purposes, namely to attract manifold blessings of good luck, love, health and wealth. As the name already suggests, the white cloth is intended for ritual use.

Ritual Cloth featuring Multifunctional Spells

For instance, the cloth can be used for ritual cleansing of the body. To do this, one has to make holy water. This is done by immersing the cloth in to a bowl of distilled or purified water, where it is left for the night so that the water can absorb the mystical properties of the cloth. The holy water will be ready for use the following day. First, one uses a little bit of the holy water to wash one’s hands and face with (three times), and then pouring out the rest of the holy water over one’s head, whilst reciting the basmala prayer (‘bismillāhi raḥmāni roḥīm‘) three times. After that one can make a wish.

Ritual Cloth featuring Multifunctional Spells (Luck, Love, Wealth, Protection)

Hence, the ritual cloth is endowed with the magical quality of wish fulfillment. In this way, the talisman can help one to become successful in both social as well as professional areas in life. Thus, depending on a person’s wishes and his or her individual needs, one can use the ritual cloth to request specific blessings, like asking for help to improve one’s love life (e.g. finding a partner, improving one’s relationship or marriage, etc.), or to gain wealth and riches. Beside using the cloth for performing the cleansing ritual, one can also use the holy water for consumption. This is believed not only to help maintain good physical health but also to prevent sickness.

Close up of Ritual Cloth

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