Red Jasper Gemstone Ring to improve Sexual and Spiritual Stamina


Jasper is an opaque (cryptocrystalline) quartz mineral. The speckled red stone owes its color to the mineral content of volcanic ash or sediments. This particular variety of chalcedony looks similar to agate and carnelian, though it can be distinguished by its opacity, color, and hardness. The natural jasper rock has been cut and polished into a cabochon, turning it into a semi-precious gemstone. As with most jasper jewelry, the gem is natural and not treated or synthetically enhanced.

Jasper Gemstone

Traditionally, jasper is considered to be the birthstone for people born in March. The gemstone – along with its magical qualities – is mentioned in many ancient scriptures, including biblical sources (e.g. The Book of Revelation, Exodus). However, the history of jasper jewelry goes much further back in time. Pieces of carved jasper, dating back to 20.000 BC, have been found in southern parts of France. Furthermore, ancient Egyptians wore jasper gems as amulets. Indeed, the natural energy of Earth magic stored within a mystical stone of this kind was recognized and utilized by great masters of the occult in ancient times.

Jasper Gem Ring

Today one can still tap in to the source of esoteric powers found in jasper gemstones. This requires the blessing of an Indonesian dukun, who, in this case, performed a ritual empowerment to activate the inherent metaphysical energies through the spiritual power of mantras. The result being a most powerful talisman that can be worn to drive away evil spirits and to sustain good health, both physically and mentally, for it also has remarkable healing abilities to protect against negative influences on the body and mind. Hence, wearing this Indonesian amulet can improve one’s sexual as well as spiritual stamina, boosting libido, and increasing energy to try and do new things in life.

Mystical Jasper Stone Ring Amulet

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