Update on Recent Developments and Important Policy Changes in the Coming Year


Back in 2012 when we launched our business in Indonesia, we could never have imagined to come this far, let alone the fact that we would eventually decide to relocate our office to the Netherlands! The primary reason for this relocation had to do with Mas Rodin’s unexpected health issues, which, fortunately subsided within several months after the return to his (second) home country in late 2017. A secondary reason was that he decided to go back to university to get his Master’s degree in Theology and Religious Studies at the VU University in Amsterdam. Therefore, it probably comes as no surprise when we say that 2018 was a rather intense year for us, considering that, besides our work for Indo Magic, we also had to reserve plenty of time for study and health recovery.


Nonetheless, our valued customers always kept supporting us throughout these times; for indeed, without your help we surely would have run out of business pretty soon. And so, now that Mas Rodin is officially accredited as a spiritual counselor, he would like to return the favor by dedicating more of his time to an engaged form of practice, which means that he’s currently working part-time as an ambulatory caregiver for (ex-)addicts and ex-convicts. For this reason, then, we are proud to announce the Indo Magic Care Project (IMCP). In short, IMCP will allow us to use part of the profits made through the sale of amulets and talismans via our online store as a fund to provide spiritual care to the relevant careseekers. More information on this project will become available soon on the following page of our website: http://www.indomagic.com/care


Furthermore, we recently launched a side project called ‘Aqeeq Stone‘. As the name already suggests, this project involves a professional website (http://www.aqeeqstone.com) that is specialized in the trade of authentic aqeeq gemstones from Indonesia and elsewhere around the world. Although these gems will ultimately also become available through the online store of Indo Magic, upcoming blog posts about these new items will be published only at AqeeqStone.com. So, make sure you don’t miss out on the latest items by subscribing to the Aqeeq Stone Newsletter via the following link: http://eepurl.com/dGy6c9.


Also, as of January 1, 2019, Indo Magic will be officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. This implies that we need to take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. For instance, all prices stated on our website shall automatically include value-added tax (VAT). In order to implement the required changes soonest in a swiftly manner, we decided to convert the price of all our products from American Dollars (USD) to Euro’s (EUR). No reason to worry though, because regardless of the change in currency, we will still continue to operate as an international company offering worldwide shipping just like we did before.

For now, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year; we look forward to welcoming you back in our online store in 2019 again soon!

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