Real Turtle Oil for Enlargement of Sexual Organs


In Kalimantan, fresh water turtles are found in small rivers far away from society. These wild turtles can live up to 200 years. The oil is obtained using the ancient Dayak method of drying the flesh in the sun, and not boiling, nor cooking the raw flesh. It is left to dry in the heat of the sunlight for as long as one month, in order to neutralize the strong smell of the flesh completely. Since there are no chemicals involved in the entire production process, it is thus completely safe to anoint the oil onto the skin, without having to worry about any possible side effects.

The oil can be used to heal open wounds with. It will heal the wounds without leaving any scars behind. Also, it is very effective as treatment of skin impurities such as acne, black spots, eczema and allergies. Since turtle oil forms an essential ingredient in many European and Chinese cosmetic products, it can thus also be used for softening and smoothening the skin.

However, this type of traditional medicine is primarily used by Indonesians for a completely different purpose; women use the turtle oil for breast enlargement, whereas men are using it for penis enlargement. Both cases require a special massage technique to the achieve the desired effect.

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