Rawhide Talisman Inscribed with Saffron Paste to Improve One’s Business


This rawhide talisman is handcrafted from the skin of a wild goat. Indonesian dukuns commonly use the skin of wild animals to make amulets and talismans, for they believe that this material contains certain mystical properties. The reason for this can be found in the fact that wild animals generally have a bold nature; they do not back off for fear of other animals, and they will do whatever it takes to protect their offspring. Moreover, wild animals usually defend their territory vigorously against intruders. Hence, mystical objects made from animal parts are believed to provide the owner blessings of protection and evasion of danger.

Rawhide talisman

Both sides of the talisman feature sacred Islamic spells, which are handwritten with saffron paste. Each side contains a unique combination of sacred geometric designs and magic formulas. Though the rawhide material itself serves as a form of protection, the additional spells, however, are specifically designed to bring the owner success in business. These Islamic spells were applied by a Javanese dukun, using the proper consecration method of the Javanese mystical tradition.

Rawhide Talisman

Due to the traditional empowerment ritual performed by a real dukun, the rawhide talisman therefore is endowed with additional blessings, thereby increasing the magical effects this item can bring. Furthermore, its small size and light weight allows one to wear this talisman in one’s pocket, wallet, bag, etc., and bring it wherever one goes; or, one can also choose to keep it in one’s workplace (office, shop, etc.), so as to improve one’s business.

Close up of rawhide talisman

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