Rare Forest Flower Roots to Enhance Energy and Stamina


This traditional Indonesian medicine is for the kind of person who has a lot of work to on daily basis. People who need to make long hours in the office, or those who have to put in a lot of physical effort in their job, can use this alternative medicine to boost their energy and enhance their stamina. Hence, in Indonesian society, this particular combination of natural herbs is used by numerous athletes, martial artists, bodyguards and the like.

The various kinds of roots will help reduce pains like headaches, stomach aches, and muscular aches. However, the natural ingredients of this indigenous drug from the Dayak people of Kalimantan, function as a remedy for cold, fever, high blood pressure, and rheumatic and asthmatic ailments as well.

Instructions for Use

Boil 1 or 2 roots in water (200 ml). For maximum effect, one should consume 1 glass (200 ml) three times a day. The medicine can be mixed with tea, raw chicken’s egg, honey or grapes, to enhance the flavor. Since there are no side effects of long term use, it is thus a completely safe alternative treatment.

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