Rare Alchemic Badar Besi Pellet composited of Magic Metallic Minerals


This sacred stone is the compressed mass of a mystical metal magic substance known as badar besi. It is a natural rock element that is composited of a rich blend of minerals such as iron, hematite, and meteorite. Each of these substances carry powerful energies in their own right, let alone when combined in a single object. But, what is more, the alchemic pellet also functions as the transformation body of a living spirit.

Rare Magical Badar Besi Pellet

Therefore, it is said, that so-called khodam spirits transfer their consciousness to a suitable material vessel; i.e., badar besi. In doing this, the celestial being can prolong its lifespan, thereby effectively allowing the continuation of spiritual practice for immeasurable periods of time. Owing to the supernatural abilities that the khodamic being thus acquired over vast lengths of time, the talisman becomes a medium through which miracles can be performed. Hence, due to the dukun‘s empowerment, the owner of this magical item can ask the inhabiting spirit for favors in order to help fulfill his or her wishes.

Natural Magic Metal Badar Besi Amulet

Mantra for Badar Besi Amulets

Ingsun Matek Badar Besi

Macan Putih Ing Gigir Besi Putih Ing Awak Ku

Ya Aji Ku Badar Besi (21x)

Sacred Badar Besi Iron Mineral Substance

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