Quartz Mustika Gemstone for Improved Concentration and Enhanced Meditation Practice


Quartz is a natural mineral with a crystal structure. In Indonesia, quartz is classed as a sacred mustika gemstone. This particular substance is especially valued by traditional Indonesian shamans and mystics, who often use quartz mustika stones for their ritual magic practices. According to Indonesian dukuns, quartz mustika gemstones possess strong magic abilities to absorb and channel mystical forces and energies. This makes quartz particularly useful as a ritual instrument for enhancing the energy flow in one’s chakras.

Quartz Mustika Gemstone

Its crystal clear structure represents the potential power to bring great clarity of mind. Obviously, quartz mustika gemstones are therefore widely praised by meditation practitioners, for the sacred substance can aid a person to sharpen his or her mind. This will then allow the mind to stay deeply focused on one’s point of concentration. From there on, one can gain access to higher and more subtle levels of concentration. Thus, this sacred mustika gemstone can aid a person in the quest for the highest spiritual wisdom.

base of mustika gemstone

Though natural quartz is believed to contain strong magic powers of itself, yet the mustika received an additional empowerment performed by a Javanese dukun. In order to enhance the mystical powers, the shaman chanted sacred mantra spells to invoke a khodam spirit which he then invited to come and reside in the mustika gemstone. When the dukun subdued the khodam spirit it magically manifested itself within the sacred crystal substance where it would remain in order to serve and guide the owner in his or her spiritual practice.

Indonesian mustika gemstone

In addition, the sacred substance has effective healing properties which serve to increase one’s health through cleansing the physical body from negative energies. Similarly, the gemstone can help to restore one’s emotional balance. One can wear the mustika gemstone in a pocket, on a ring, as a pendant, or place it on one’s altar or shrine at home.

Sacred Mustika Gemstone

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