Sacred Brazen Pusaka Whip Amulet inhabited by a Wealthy Naga Spirit of the Underworld


The so-called pusaka whip is a special type of amulet in its own right. Amulets of this kind possess enormous esoteric power due to the intrinsic nature of the inhabiting mythical naga (Sanskrit: nāga) spirit. Nagas are mythological creatures which resemble a mixture of a dragon and serpent. These serpentine deities have their roots in ancient Indian mythology, though similar beliefs about the legendary snake-like creatures exist in other parts of the world as well, most notably in Chinese folklore and Indonesian mysticism. Hence nagas continue to play an important role in contemporary Hindu-Buddhist culture and traditions in Asia (i.e., India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia).

Mythical Naga Whip Amulet

In Indonesian naga legends, however, the mythical creature is generally described as a wealthy spirit of the underworld. Here the meaning of the word ‘underworld’ should be understood as a world of water (e.g. oceans, lakes, rivers) beneath the surface – the heavenly realm of semi-divine snake spirits. In a mundane way, however, nagas are primarily associated with wealth, riches and money. This makes naga spirit bound amulets especially popular among people who are aiming for success in commercial endeavors and business activity. Since serpentine amulets first and foremost are known to bestow blessings of fortune, many people also use these mystical items to help them gain desired results in gambling and lottery games.

Mythical Naga Serpent Amulet

The pusaka whip is made from an alchemical mixture of sacred brass and several other metal substances obtained from various ancient artifacts. The sacred metal amulet has been forged into the shape of a snake-headed whip, which represents a traditional ritual tool to exert control over the inhabiting naga spirit. Thus the owner of the amulet will be in command of the naga’s intrinsic magical powers, thereby allowing him or her to give orders to the spirit. The brazen whip amulet can be worn as a pendant on a necklace, keychain, etc. Alternatively, the amulet can be used to make holy water with. To do this a thread or rope has to be wrapped around the amulet so that it can be immersed in a vessel (e.g. bowl, cup, glass) filled with purified water. The amulet should be kept in there for one night in order to allow the water to fully absorb the mystical properties of the pusaka whip. The next day the freshly made holy water can be sprinkled in one’s workplace to enhance one’s professional performance as well as boosting one’s charisma and leadership.

Mythical Naga Amulet made from Sacred Brass

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