Pusaka Tube Flask containing Magic Metal Nail to bring Prosperity, Success and Safety at Home, Office, Shop, Etc.


Indonesia is world famous for its lofty heirlooms, which are also known as ‘pusaka’. Pusaka is a general term that can refer to any one of the many traditional heirlooms, including keris daggers and tombak spears, which can be found in the mystical world of Indonesian tosan aji (i.e. sacred metals). It should be noted, however, that pusaka are by no means considered ordinary heirlooms. Indeed, due to the abundant mystical properties Indonesians ascribe to such objects, pusaka often are considered to be extremely sacred. These sacred items are handed down from one generation to the next, thereby allowing an increase of magical power over the course of time.

Magic Metal Nail

The rare and unique pusaka talisman is made from a special selection of sacred metals obtained from old keris blades and other mystical objects. However, this particular pusaka differs from the more conventional heirloom items (e.g. traditional weaponry, mustika gemstones) in the sense that the tube flask contains a rather unusual object, namely a magical metal nail. The occult art of making magic nails is an ancient ritual practice which combines hardcore animist sorcery with more mainstream magic. In this case, however, the amulet has been supplemented with traditional Islamic spells. In addition, several incantations of Solomonic magic have been added to the metal tube flask, which, first and foremost, serve to repel evil, but at the same time also help to retain the magical quality of the talismanic nail.

Pusaka Tube Flask

In ancients times many indigenous cultures in the Indonesian archipelago used magic nails as a means of preventing the wandering spirits from harming the living. For instance, to prevent a deceased person from wandering around as a lost-soul or earthbound spirit in the afterlife, his or her relatives would seal the coffin with ritually consecrated nails. This is believed to keep evil spirits away from the dead body while it also ensures a smooth transition (for the deceased person’s spirit) from this world to the next. In fact, the use of magic nails by far is not restricted to funerals and cemeteries, for indeed, these powerful amulets can be placed anywhere in one’s house, office, shop, etc. They can even be placed in one’s vehicle. In this way, the Solomonic spells will ensure driver safety, which in turn can avoid crashes and help lower one’s risk behind the wheel.

Pusaka Tube Flask containing Magic Metal Nail to Bring Prosperity, Success and Safety

When there are a lot of fights going on with other family members living in the same house, then this pusaka should be placed at home so that it can help to reconcile those conflicts by bringing auspicious blessings of peace and harmony into the household. Likewise, in the event of workplace bullying or other disputes in the office, the potent power of its Islamic spells turn the sacred metal amulet into a mystical weapon through which one can make an end to mistreatment and humiliation. Yet those who continuously seem to suffer from bad luck in business should place the pusaka tube in one’s workplace to allow the imbued mystical blessings of the magic nail to enrich your life with prosperity and success.

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