Pusaka Pouch for Amulet Storage


Whether one likes to actually wear amulets or just simply prefers to collect them, at one point or another a so-called pusaka pouch will come in very handy. When going out and about one can bring one’s amulets along in this pouch, thereby continuously being able to benefit from the mystical properties of the sacred items one is carrying, regardless of where one may travel to. Also, the pouch enhances the durability of one’s amulets, effectively protecting the items against external damage.

Amulet Pouch

The pusaka pouch is made from green sacred cloth featuring yellow-colored magic spells. Various Arabic incantations of Indonesian Islamic origin have been used to bless the pouch with metaphysical powers. In this way, then, the amulet pouch is endowed with magical qualities of wealth and fortune, especially in regard to business and commerce, as well as gambling and lotteries. Moreover, any mystical object stored in the pusaka pouch will have its power and effects enhanced tremendously.

Amulets Pouch

Due to its pocket-size dimensions (14.5 x 12.2 x 0.1 cm), this authentic Indonesian Islamic talisman serves as a multi functional storage gadget pouch for your mystical stones, lockets, taweez, keris amulets and other ritual items.

Amulets Pouch Bag

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