Pusaka Bag for Multiplying Wealth & Riches and to Accumulate Treasured Possessions


Pusaka (heirloom) items often comprise a person’s dearest possessions, usually inherited from one’s ancestors. However, in a broader sense, the term ‘pusaka’ may also refer to mystical objects in general. When a particular object is claimed to possess certain powers of magic, it is very likely that the owner wishes to keep it as a family heirloom item, which later s/he will pass on to the next of kin. For this reason, each mystical object thus is a potential pusaka item.

Pusaka Bag

Since most pusaka are considered sacred objects they are usually stored in a special place, such as a special bag, closet, jar, chest, etc. It is generally believed, that in order to preserve the magic properties, the mystical items should be kept in a special place which is separated from worldly matters. In this way, the items will not be exposed to inauspicious circumstances. For this reason, most mystical items should be treated with great care and respect. Ideally, sacred objects should be stored in an auspicious place, such as a shrine or altar in one’s home. This allows the pusaka items to absorb the auspicious energies generated through sincere ritual worship and spiritual practice.

Pusaka Bag

The pusaka bag is consecrated according proper Javanese mystical tradition, and ritually empowered with magic spells which serve to bring the owner blessings of windfall luck, to increase wealth and riches, and to accumulate treasured possessions. Moreover, it will enhance the mystical qualities of the objects which are stored in the bag.

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