Pure Meccan Musk Essential Oil


A bottle of pure musk oil obtained during pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The fragrant musk essential oil is extracted according the proper halal method, which implies that the oil is pure and does not contain alcohol or any other impurities.

Pure Meccan Musk Oil

Meccan musk oil is world famous for its distinct fragrance, making it a favorite parfum among Muslims from all over the world. Hence, Indonesian Muslims often like to anoint this traditional Saudi Arabian musk oil for when they go to pray at the local mosque, or when they read the Qur’an at home. It is said, that the pleasant smell of the natural musk oil refreshes the mind and improves one’s mindfulness during recitation of the holy Qur’an.

Base of bottle of Meccan musk oil

Also, Meccan musk oil is believed to keep evil jinn away. For this particular reason, genuine musk oil, especially the Saudi Arabian, is considered to have strong powers to conquer all sorts of danger inflicted by black magicians, harmful spirits, and negative forces. The mystical aspects not only fend off dangerous attacks, but also will backfire the harm imposed upon the person anointed with the Meccan musk oil.

Close up of bottle of Meccan Musk Oil

Furthermore, the oil is imbued with auspicious blessings of love and compassion. Its extraordinary esoteric features will lead to increased attraction of the opposite sex, which makes it relatively easy for a person to find a partner, or, in case one already has a partner, it will improve the level of intimacy in one’s relationship. Moreover, Meccan musk oil causes a person’s aura to emit positive vibrations. This, of course, enhances one’s charisma, so that people treat you with utmost respect and sincerity.

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