Protective Silat Belt offering Physical and Metaphysical Protection to the Wearer when facing Danger


Protective armor has become an integral part of the world we live in today. Life in today’s society is not as safe as how we would like to see it, though fortunately there are many measures to rapidly yet effectively minimize the risk of danger. For instance, by means of using protective amulets and talismans, one can successfully prevent personal encounters of potentially life-threatening situations. The silat belt amulet, being made and blessed by the hands of a true master of the occult, thus helps you to keep vigilant, ensuring thereby your safety when danger is lurking.

Protective Silat Belt

This Indonesian talisman is carefully constructed according ancient mystical tradition. The protective belt consists of three parts; a left and a right side amidst the central part. In this way, then, the wearer of this amulet is protected against danger coming from either side, as well as from the front or back, depending on how the belt is worn around the waist. It is, however, recommend to wear the amulet like a regular waist belt; namely, tied around the back to ensure maximum protection from any form of danger coming from behind.

Protective Silat Belt Amulet

With the silat belt one is not only protected from physical harm but ultimately from metaphysical dangers as well. What this means is that the protective powers of the silat belt can also be used to ward off negative energy and demonic forces. Indeed, due to the use of Islamic spells the amulet is imbued with protective properties which serve as a metaphysical self-defense method against psychic attacks and other paranormal encounters.

Protective Silat Belt Talisman

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