Propitious Taweez featuring Islamic Magical Squares indicative of Lucky Favors


Mystical diagrams and magical squares play an important role in the practice of Indonesian magic. Symbolism in Indonesian mystical tradition is often used in combination with holy verses and utterances. These sacred designs are drawn by hand, after which they become the object of visualization in spiritual and ritual practice. Next, the occult rite involves drawing a larger version of the magic circle on the floor, as this creates a protective shield to keep evil spirits away during the divination process.

Javanese Taweez

Any potentially destructive forces and negative energies that might be present near the taweez just before the consecration are quickly subdued and neutralized through specific invocations, banishing evil influences that can cause bad luck. Next, another series of spells is cast to attract auspicious blessings, so that the wearer will be able to improve his or her fate. Indeed, lucky favors will be bestowed upon the person wearing the amulet.

Indonesian Muslim Talisman made from Sacred Cloth

There are several potent incantations featured on both the front and rear side. Though the magical power has the capability to dispel darkness, its primary function is aimed at inducing divine providence. The result thereof comes in the form of a heaven-sent blessings, allowing one to experience good luck and fortune. It is even possible to use the amulet as a lucky charm for gambling and lottery play. In this way the gift of grace will be made abound to the wearer financially.

Islamic amulet with Mystical Diagram

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