Precious Banten Cave Badar Besi Gemstone Pendant


Though it is not a precious stone in regard to gemology, yet in terms of its magical power and spiritual potential badar besi is a most valuable stone indeed. Especially the mustika pearls and other mystical stones from Banten Province are in high demand. This is partly due to the fact that the western part of Java is regarded as the cradle of traditional Javanese mysticism. Furthermore, many Jawara and Debus masters living in this area of Indonesia claim to have obtained psychic abilities through the use of certain gemstones. Badar besi is such gem; it is believed that this particular metal-like substance is naturally imbued by the forces of nature.

Badar Besi Pendant

Traditional Indonesian elemental magic utilizes the natural energies in rocks and stones in order to transform raw materials into a potent alchemical substance. It is in this way that the dukun (magician) invokes the nature spirit residing in the cave, thereby performing the preliminary ritual steps to extract the sacred metallic substance. If, however, the master’s psychic ability lacks sufficient power, or in case s/he fails to summon the cave’s inhabiting spirit successfully, then naturally his or her attempt to obtain the badar besi will be in vain. Considering that there is only a very small group of selected dukuns alive today who have fully mastered the magical arts of cutting this mystical stone, it is therefore not surprising that it has become increasingly difficult to obtain a genuine piece of badar besi.

Indonesian lek Lai stone

With its beautiful deep-black color mixed with a soft golden hue, it becomes easy to see why this particular mustika gemstone has become the leading exemplar of Indonesian magical objects. The stone’s original rough surface has been polished with great care, giving the gem a smooth finish. The large oval-shaped stone is cut into a cabochon, and faceted into a bold stainless steel pendant. Moreover, a special Yogya silver necklace (optional) weighing 55,3 grams is available for this exlusive amulet, so one can put it on and start wearing the pendant right away to enjoy the manifold blessings this authentic badar besi talisman has to offer.

Sacred Badar Besi Mustika Gemstone

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