Powerful Peridot Ring Amulet promoting Physiological and Psychological Vitality


The yellow-green olivine mineral featured in this amulet is an oval-shaped peridot. The gemstone is cut into a beautiful cabochon, which is set in a talismanic ring containing sixteen zirconia stones for decorative purposes. Since the stone is translucent, light can pass through, thereby creating several different shades of green when viewed from different angles.

Powerful Peridot Talisman

Due to the fact that peridot can sometimes also be found in meteorites, Indonesian mystics therefore consider it to be a very sacred crystal. Indeed, it is believed that this mystical stone carries the blessings from the heavens. Thus, it is said, that peridot has potent powers to enhance one’s physiological and psychological vitality. Yet, in addition to its natural healing effects on both the body well as the mind, the ring of peridot also has been imbued with the supernatural power of magic spells.

Peridot Gemstone Amulet

As a result of the master’s consecration, the gem has been transformed into a genuine Indonesian amulet. This means that the talismanic ring can help increase the wearer’s vitality in even more ways, for its mystical properties increase one’s stamina and courage. These benefits can thus also be used in regard to business matters, and even love affairs.

Indonesian Peridot Ring

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