Powerful Magic Scroll Blessed with Mystical Properties that Induce Mercy and Generate Compassion


An authentic Indonesian amulet made and blessed by a powerful dukun who performs his ritual services according the ancient methods of Southeast Asian mystical tradition. The magic scroll is a very distinctive type of amulet, for it stuffed with various kinds of sacred elements. These sacred inserts include earths taken from holy sites and magical herbs taken from high up the mountains. Next, the dukun ground the sacred elements into a powder mixture, which was then used to fill the magic scroll with.

Powerful Magic Scroll Blessed with Mystical Properties

Then, the dukun performed several kinds of traditional Islamic spells, which he wrote by hand in Arabic lettering. In addition, a consecration ritual was performed to empower the magic scroll with powerful blessings of mercy and compassion. Mystical properties of this kind are considered a very effective method to boost one’s charisma, to increase one’s credibility, and to enhance one’s social and professional relationships. Hence, the owner of the magic scroll will be respected by one’s peers and even seniors.

Powerful Magic Scroll with Sacred Inserts

As to the characteristic features of its design, we can see that the traditional Indonesian magic scroll has a lot in common with the Thai variant of this type of amulet, known as a ‘takrut’. This is perhaps not so surprising when we realize that the authentic making process of this particular kind of talisman is performed by a renown spiritual master from Sumatra – the island which shares many similarities with Thai traditions in regard to occult forms of practice. By making these mystical objects, the dukun strives to preserve the ancient mystical tradition of his ancestors.

Close up of Powerful Magic Scroll

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