Powerful Love Potion extracted from Fragrant White Jasmine Flowers infused in Holy Prayer Water


Extracted from fragrant white jasmine flowers, this powerful love potion consists of magical oil obtained from ritual offerings used in a consecration ceremony. The ritual ceremony was performed to bless various kinds of mystical objects made by an authentic dukun from Mojokerto in East Java, Indonesia. Due to the inherently strong fragrance, white jasmine flowers are among the most preferred offerings for the gods being venerated in Javanese mystical tradition.

Powerful Love Potion from White Jasmine Flowers

This bottle of magical oil is the only one made; it is therefore an extremely rare potion of Indonesian magic at its finest. The dukun prepared the offerings to invite the various kinds of celestial beings residing in the heavens to join the consecration ritual, and to take part in the empowerment by bestowing their blessings onto the amulets. Next, the white jasmine flowers were infused in holy prayer water whilst ancient Javanese love spells were cast on the magical oil, turning it into a potent love potion.

White Jasmine Flower Oil

The love potion can be applied by anointing a few drops on one’s forehead and/or eyebrows before going to meet the person whom you wish to enchant. This particular magical oil can be used by both men and women, and brings the same results and effects (i.e. enhanced attraction, fascination, etc.) regardless whether that person is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Powerful Love Potion blessed by a Javanese Dukun

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